Thursday, 23 February 2012

LFW A/W12: They're back and packing!

Nasir Mazhar

90s kids rejoice! The backpack is on trend for A/W12. Gone are the days of getting a one shoulder ache from your handbag, now we can comfortably carry our belongings and have the freedom to use both hands. Oh the functionality!

Nasir Mazhar A/W12

The Nasir Mazhar collection showcased some of the best backpacks seen at London Fashion Week.

With a slouchy effect and interesting handles, these are not the boxy or boring backpacks of our childhood.

My personal favourite is this black leather and fur bag, right.

Christopher Raeburn A/W12

There were no slouchy or casual backpacks at the Christopher Raeburn show.

Their backpacks seemed much more reminiscent of outdoor activities and general 'camping'.

Not my personal preference in bag attire but I do like how Raeburn has incorporated the bomber jacket 'puffiness' into his backpack, right.

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