Wednesday, 4 July 2012

LOOKBOOK: The Interview Edit

Though I love being a freelance writer, it's not giving me the financial stability I'd hoped for so I've been applying for full time jobs recently.

My first interview is tomorrow and I've been thinking about the outfit I'm going to wear a lot.

I'm not vain but I'm also not naive - first impressions count - so I wanted to wear something stylish in a classical sort of way.

I headed straight to Next, home of the smart casual attire, and bought a pair of tailored trousers and a loose fitted cream shirt with lace detail.

The outfit is simple yet stylish and I'll be able to wear it to all of my interviews - from journalism to PR.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow! Momma needs a new wardrobe...

Monday, 2 July 2012

LOOKBOOK: The Birthday Meal Edit

I had big dreams for this outfit. I was going to have a stylish designer dress with all new accessories... But then I woke up and remembered that I'm poor.

This being said I quite liked my budget outfit! You could never tell my dress was a bargain £15 from Select - or so my family assured me.

I teamed it with a black belt and black cardigan from Marks and Sparks for the contrast and accessorised with leopard print and gold bangles from River Island.

The outfit was classy enough for the swanky restaurant but could also be worn out on the town once I had ditched the cardy in the cloak room - all in the name of Nan's 77th obvs.

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