Tuesday, 28 February 2012

LFW A/W12: ATTEN-SHUN! Military is back!

Belstaff A/W12
The military trend marched down the catwalk this season and was a huge presence in a number of shows. It will obviously be one of the key trends this Autumn so you may as well read this article and get on board! Thankfully the combat trousers stayed in the 90s where they belong (only actual army militia need that many pockets that far down the body) but a WWII themed collection of coats and dresses have entered our future wardrobe.



It was all about the winter warmer at Belstaff for their A/W12 show.

The long trenches were reminiscent of the early 40s army coats. With the contrasting khaki and battleship grey coats, you'd almost be forgiven for thinking you were in occupied France.

I especially liked their combination of low ponytail and upturned collars - the perfect frame for the face.



At the Howell show, the military trend inspired more than just their coats.

Day outfits were in block militia colours such as khaki, left, or grey and were in keeping with the army cut. This gave the outfits an androgynous feel to them.

Small accessories such as the beret, the flash of ponytail and the cinched in belt, right, gave outfits which were very masculine in style, shape and colour, little boosts of femininity.

Pictures courtesy of www.londonfashionweek.co.uk


  1. This makes me happy as I have 2 military style coats and a couple of pairs of khaki trousers! Where do you get your photos from? x

  2. I get them from the London Fashion Week official website and just credit them at the bottom of the post to avoid the legal shiz.
    You're well prepared for the autumn then :) x


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