Wednesday, 29 February 2012

LFW A/W12: The best of...

Its more 'best shoes' than 'best soundtrack' and think more Alexa Chung than Meryl Streep, but here is a collection of 'best ofs' for the recent London Fashion Week. An Oscars for fashion, so to speak.

And the award goes to...


Marios Schwab A/W12

The mix of the sequinned bodysuit and sheer over dress is a first for me and I was pleasantly surprised. The overall effect of this dress is - the appearance, the movement, the boldness - is why it's a winning combination for me.


Nicole Farhi A/W12

This Nicole Farhi top may seem like a pretty safe bet for this choice but as soon as I saw it I began envisaging how I could where it and it really stuck in the mind for me. The pattern and the way it reflects the light makes this more than just a top: its a statement piece.


Michael van der Ham A/W12

The little girl inside of me fell in love with this skirt. I want to wear this to a tea party.


Matthew Williamson A/W12

If I were to brave print trousers it wouldn't be any of these bold, neon confections you see, it would be a darker, more understated pair. Loved the Issa collection but there's not a chance in hell I'm drawing that much attention to my lower half.


Erdem A/W12

Not only is the print of this suit beautiful, but also the cut. The rounded, cropped jacket and the slightly too short trouser leg both make this the best suit of the A/W12 collections for me.


Antonio Berardi A/W12

Avoiding the clich├ęd choices of a classic Burberry trench or the 'to-die-for' McQueen military coats, I've opted for this part leather, part fur piece from Antonio Berardi. Its very empowering and the clash of the different textures, makes this much more than your average black coat.


Mulberry A/W12

Its not just the pattern of the scarf but how Mulberry have styled it that makes me love this accessory. I will definitely be wearing my scarf tucked in to a belt this autumn!


Issa A/W12

The gloves alone aren't that special, but I really like how they compliment this outfit. The sexy dress, beret and traditional evening gloves are doing it for me.


Marios Schwab A/W12

By far the best hat on the catwalk this season, the cloche style hats seen at the Marios Schwab show were the epitome of 1920s chic. I'm in love with this whole outfit - if I could legally marry it, you would have been invited to my engagement party by now.


Roksanda Ilincic A/W12

Its not the most extravagant bag, but this slouchy, tartan bag seen at Roksanda Ilincic is ticking two trends alone. The slouchy and casual feel to it ties in with the sports trend and the tartan brings that bit of tradition to the mix. The neon blue is way cool too.


Felder Felder A/W12

Just looking at these shoes makes me want to buy them and go out on the town... to celebrate my new shoes!

Best Headpiece

Bora Aksu A/W12

Lace took over the Bora Aksu show and even made it onto the model's heads. Though the tights, dress and headpiece may be overkill on the high street, this quirky trend will surely make its way to us 'common people' in a more relaxed way.


Holly Fulton A/W12

Holly Fulton A/W12

The most beautiful sunglasses that need to make their way into my SS12 wardrobe and huge jewellery that became an extension of the outfits, make the Holly Fulton show THE collection for accessories. I love the blue ombre toning to some of the sunglasses - a fresh trend for a new season.

Best Overall Designer A/W12

Marios Schwab

Marios Schwab A/W12

Marios Schwab A/W12
Though there were many great shows, the clear winner for me was the Marios Schwab collection. I found the pieces were beautiful, yet haunting in their beauty. The ever present inspiration of the 1920s created a classic and luxurious narrative that made me covet the collection even more. 

I hope to be Mrs Schwab one day <3

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

LFW A/W12: ATTEN-SHUN! Military is back!

Belstaff A/W12
The military trend marched down the catwalk this season and was a huge presence in a number of shows. It will obviously be one of the key trends this Autumn so you may as well read this article and get on board! Thankfully the combat trousers stayed in the 90s where they belong (only actual army militia need that many pockets that far down the body) but a WWII themed collection of coats and dresses have entered our future wardrobe.



It was all about the winter warmer at Belstaff for their A/W12 show.

The long trenches were reminiscent of the early 40s army coats. With the contrasting khaki and battleship grey coats, you'd almost be forgiven for thinking you were in occupied France.

I especially liked their combination of low ponytail and upturned collars - the perfect frame for the face.



At the Howell show, the military trend inspired more than just their coats.

Day outfits were in block militia colours such as khaki, left, or grey and were in keeping with the army cut. This gave the outfits an androgynous feel to them.

Small accessories such as the beret, the flash of ponytail and the cinched in belt, right, gave outfits which were very masculine in style, shape and colour, little boosts of femininity.

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LFW A/W12: Fashion starts at the top

It literally was HEAD to toe style at London Fashion Week, with designers paying as much attention to head pieces as shoes. Though some pieces were the epitome of 'bizarre' and some just caused anxiety for the model's breathing ability, there were also some beautiful pieces. C'est le LFW I s'pose!

At Emilio de la Morena, left, some of the outfits seemed to be inspired by nun's habits with the shape and monochrome colourings. Though nuns are renowned for their subservience, these outfits gave off a strong sense of power and drew the attention to the model's face. An outfit that can be powerful in itself yet showcase the person within it is something to behold in my eyes.

This head shroud was also seen at Issa but instead of the simple black or white, Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel chose to go bold or go home with a blue, teal and orange print. This version is not so nunnery, but a bit more 50s housewife. Similarly to the nun's habit, the 50s housewife is not the embodiment of the powerful female but the shock of seeing a head scarf in 2012 seems to cancel out the 'grandmother' nostalgia. Simpler and smaller versions were also seen at Vivienne Westwood Red Label and Bora Aksu, which was my personal fave in the head gear department.

Vivienne Westwood
Bora Aksu

And then it just got weird...

We've all heard the trials and tribulations of a model: the shoes that don't fit, the uncomfortable dresses... but the head pieces that completely cover the face isn't a regular one on the list. Fair play to the girls for not falling over, whoever they are!


Sister by Sibling
Fyodor Golan

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

LFW A/W12: They're back and packing!

Nasir Mazhar

90s kids rejoice! The backpack is on trend for A/W12. Gone are the days of getting a one shoulder ache from your handbag, now we can comfortably carry our belongings and have the freedom to use both hands. Oh the functionality!

Nasir Mazhar A/W12

The Nasir Mazhar collection showcased some of the best backpacks seen at London Fashion Week.

With a slouchy effect and interesting handles, these are not the boxy or boring backpacks of our childhood.

My personal favourite is this black leather and fur bag, right.

Christopher Raeburn A/W12

There were no slouchy or casual backpacks at the Christopher Raeburn show.

Their backpacks seemed much more reminiscent of outdoor activities and general 'camping'.

Not my personal preference in bag attire but I do like how Raeburn has incorporated the bomber jacket 'puffiness' into his backpack, right.

LFW A/W12: Going for gold

With London hosting the 2012 Olympics, the whole country seems to be in a sporty mood (a mood which I am adamantly trying to ignore) and this feeling seems to have inspired many of the fashion designers for LFW A/W12.

No need to panic, models weren't running down the catwalk in tracksuits accessorised with sweatbands, but there were subtle hints of the forthcoming festivities. Here's a quick run down...

Ashish A/W12
Ashish A/W12
Vivienne Westwood A/W12

There were sparkling sports tops with wordplay on them at Ashish this season. The pink and white striped 'Heaven 7' gave a whole new meaning to the player number that was made famous by David Beckham. Vivienne Westwood chose a rugby jersey, however, for her Red Label show. Both designers teamed the sports tops with clashing prints - such as floral or polka dots - and skirts. It seems you need to go overtly feminine to balance out the sports top.

Acne A/W12
Christopher Raeburn A/W12
Peter Pilotto A/W12

One of the clear trends this season was definitely bomber jackets - the puffier the better. Designers cinched them in at the waist for shape definition or styled them with dresses to add a touch of femininity to the look.

Antipodium A/W12
Christopher Raeburn A/W12
Ashish A/W12

Casual pieces hit the catwalk with a waterproof-esque pullover at Antipodium, a grey hoody at Christopher Raeburn and a sequined casual jacket at Ashish. Note that all of the looks were teamed with statement pieces to make the outfits more quirky than 'popping to the shops in your pyjamas'.

Roksanda Ilincic A/W12
Jonathon Saunders A/W12

Then there's the accessories. From the slouchy handbags reminiscent of gym bags at Roksanda Ilincic, to visors at Jonathon Saunders, it was clear that the sports inspiration has affected more than just the clothes. But don't start thinking of your bike as an accessory... don't be that person.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda #February

This will be my fortnightly shopping list remixed with a wish list. What I could, would and should buy. So, in essence, look out for a lot of Primark, Prada and gym memberships every other week.

Could of... bought these retro styled Gola Quota Classic trainers from New Look for a reasonable £39.99. They could have looked great with my bright coloured jeans!

Would of... been the proud owner of the Manolo Blahnik for Liberty 'Cream Amelia print scarf' if I had £135 to spare. I would of been very happy too.

Should of... purchased a sensible shift dress for when I inevitably get my dream job. Surprisingly, Tesco have a great range of affordable office wear, like this yellow shift dress, £42.

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