Tuesday, 28 February 2012

LFW A/W12: Fashion starts at the top

It literally was HEAD to toe style at London Fashion Week, with designers paying as much attention to head pieces as shoes. Though some pieces were the epitome of 'bizarre' and some just caused anxiety for the model's breathing ability, there were also some beautiful pieces. C'est le LFW I s'pose!

At Emilio de la Morena, left, some of the outfits seemed to be inspired by nun's habits with the shape and monochrome colourings. Though nuns are renowned for their subservience, these outfits gave off a strong sense of power and drew the attention to the model's face. An outfit that can be powerful in itself yet showcase the person within it is something to behold in my eyes.

This head shroud was also seen at Issa but instead of the simple black or white, Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel chose to go bold or go home with a blue, teal and orange print. This version is not so nunnery, but a bit more 50s housewife. Similarly to the nun's habit, the 50s housewife is not the embodiment of the powerful female but the shock of seeing a head scarf in 2012 seems to cancel out the 'grandmother' nostalgia. Simpler and smaller versions were also seen at Vivienne Westwood Red Label and Bora Aksu, which was my personal fave in the head gear department.

Vivienne Westwood
Bora Aksu

And then it just got weird...

We've all heard the trials and tribulations of a model: the shoes that don't fit, the uncomfortable dresses... but the head pieces that completely cover the face isn't a regular one on the list. Fair play to the girls for not falling over, whoever they are!


Sister by Sibling
Fyodor Golan

All pictures courtesy of www.londonfashionweekend.co.uk

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