Saturday, 2 June 2012

God Save McQueen #PartTwo

As the jubilee bank holiday weekend has FINALLY arrived I thought I would write another homage to Liz - or moreover the inspiration she has had on fashion and culture this season.

Over the past few weeks I've made a note of all the Diamond Jubilee inspired items I've seen and have displayed the creme de la creme below.

I myself will be spending this bank holiday weekend attending my first wedding and pulling some double time pints - pictures to follow!

Make the most of the jubilee good people! Its not often we have an excuse to get out the bunting and be drunk on a weekday.

To the queen! *Dons plastic tiara for the next four days*

Crafted from recycled paper, this Vivienne Westwood Diamond Jubilee Brooch is not only patriotic, but environmental. And at £55 its also a steal.

Mulberry Britishness collection June 2012

In their new four piece collection, Mulberry have redesigned three of their iconic bags in celebration of all things British. The Bayswater, the Pouch and the Lily have been re-crafted in Oak Natural Leather and stamped with a gold Union Jack plaque. These classic and elegant handbags go on sale this month.

Eccentric British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood appears in my 'best of' again with her Melissa Ultragirl V11 cameo ballet pumps, £85. The iconic Westwood logo appears as a cameo on the shoe, which is fitting as the logo is made up of an orb and a sceptre - both of which were used in the coronation of the Queen.

There are tacky patriotic tee shirts aplenty in the shops at the moment, but the the sweaters and jumpers seem to be breaking this rule. This 'Trooping the Colour' sweater by Aubin and Wills, £70, has an almost retro feel to it. And let's face it, with the infamous British weather, you're gonna need a jumper this weekend!

I genuinely like these. No kidding! The MOTO Floral Union Jack Hotpants by Topshop would be perfect for your jubilee themed barbecue, but will also look great for the upcoming music festival season (they were MADE to be worn with your Hunter wellies at Glastonbury). For £34 you'll get a staple summer item that won't have to be stored away with your bunting.


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