Monday, 15 October 2012

A Plain Review: Mallzee

We all love online shopping (I myself find the 'click and buy' a little too easy) but the downside to endless stores at your fingertips is the solo act of virtual shopping sprees.

Half the fun of shopping is asking your friends' opinions on a daring new dress or getting advice on what suits your shape. A new website, Mallzee, is tackling this problem by integrating Facebook chat, questions polls and 'online wardrobes' into the shopping experience.

As you can tell from the name, this new website is about having a personalised shopping mall. You answer a couple of questions and their ingenious software finds items matching your style and showcases them for you in your very own Mallzee.

As the owner of your Mallzee, you can invite friends to browse your wardrobe of purchases and if they buy anything, you earn money. No that wasn't a typo - you can actually make money by spending it.

With over 200 brands signed up to their website - from Boohoo to Urban Outfitters - why not buy your new Saturday night ensemble through Mallzee and earn some credit towards next Saturday's LBD?

However, if the looming Christmas spirit has you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, you can also donate the money you earn from your wardrobe to charity (I think this is my favourite part of their website).

Mallzee should be live soon and I will give you all a heads up when it is. Until then... let's go to the Mallzee!

(Sorry couldn't resist).

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