Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mary's Bottom Line

I love Mary Portas. She's got good fashion sense, she's blunt and she makes bloody good viewing so I will most definitely be tuning in to her new show: Mary's Bottom Line.

Even if you're not a fan of this legend, the show is set to be a good'un.

In this three part series, Mary is looking at why Britain is no longer the world class clothing manufacturer it once was. With most fashion being cheaply manufactured overseas, our once bustling factories are now laying dormant.

Mary, however, tries to rectify this by starting her own production line to create home made... knickers. Yep, set to be a good'un.

The show is filmed in Middleton, near Manchester, which was once a booming manufacturing community and follows Mary as she recruits and trains eight apprentices to create her Kinky Knickers.

Tune in tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 4 to see a whole lot of Mary (pun intended).

Photo credit: Mary Portas official website

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